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How We Work

Our Process

At Diamond, we do Process! Diamond Construction, Inc. is an innovative firm focused on what’s in the best interest for the owner. We take the client’s needs and the team’s innovative ideas to the next level creating a lasting end product for you!

Diamond Construction Design
Our Process

Design - Build

Under a design build delivery the Diamond team provides both construction and design services as a single entity. We work for our client, encapsulating all design and construction responsibilities. This is a beneficial delivery method, as it allows the design and construction team to coordinate cost, schedule, and constructability prior to construction activities commencing and take full accountability for the end product from the infantile stages to the final completion and owner use.

Our Process

General Contractor - Construction Manager (GC/CM)

This delivery method provides an opportunity to work together in advance of construction activities. Diamond becomes an active member of the design team, but still acts as a separate entity. We fully integrate into the design team providing extensive planning and forethought in regards to quality, constructability, means and methods and long-term maintenance. We participate in design early on and provide viable options and alternatives in an efficient manner – we are an open book.

Diamond Construction General Contractor
Diamond Construction Bid
Our Process

Bid - Build

Diamond’s estimating team will deliver a complete proposal/bid based on the owner provided plans and specifications. Once engaged in services, we become a member of the team, working with the design professionals and the owner to deliver the project to the owner on-time and within agreed upon price.

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